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tran“I attended Sara’s first time homebuyer course about a year before I actively started looking for a home, and had spent a good chunk of time in between passively looking—i.e., tracking the Portland housing market and becoming absolutely terrified about being able to find a home that I loved that was also within my budget. Once I was ready to take the plunge, I reached out to Sara, and she made home buying seem like a breeze. She’s incredibly personable and fun to be around, while still always being extremely professional and diligent with all of the work involved. Sara always explained everything so I knew exactly what to expect, and I never felt overwhelmed or blind-sided. No question was ever too big, too small, or too silly.

More than just guiding me through the actual homebuying process, Sara was always a great voice of reason. In the (currently) crazy Portland housing market where it can become so easy to get caught up in trying to outbid everyone else, and you’re unsure about what you can or can’t ask for, or what you should or shouldn’t do, she dug up as much information as possible to help inform my decisions, and helped me think through anything I was unsure about, while keeping me grounded in what I had told her from the beginning about what I was looking for and what my priorities were.

My biggest fear going into homeownership was that I would wake up one day and have an overwhelming sense of buyers’ remorse, and working with Sara put all of those fears at ease. I feel so lucky to have worked with her to find a house that I love, and that I get to call my home now, and would recommend her to anyone searching for a home in a heartbeat!”

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