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“Sara is like the Mary Poppins of realtors. She swoops in with a spoonful of sugar and gets the job done. That was pretty much exactly what happened in our experience. We were outgrowing our house, but with two young children, the thought of selling and buying a new house seemed impossible. Scarier than stepping on legos in the middle of the night. We reached out to her to ask her advice, and in one evening, she was able to take the mystery (and overwhelm) out of the selling/buying process. She was even able to show us multiple options of how it would be possible for our family. From there, our Redfin apps glowed day and night, and Sara was always at the ready to show us new listings as they popped up. When we were ready to make an offer, she guided us through those elusive waters, and advocated for us behind the scenes. She project managed all the moving pieces, and was always on top of the details. On selling our old house, she helped our house be at it’s very best, and reach it’s highest market potential.

In both transactions, we felt like we had an expert and advocate at the helm. One whose main goal was to help our family into the right home — all while making the process as easy as possible for us. We feel so fortunate to have Sara as our realtor (although she did such a good job, we may not need her for many years to come).”

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